If you’re a wantrepreneur or are considering being an entrepreneur, keep reading! Once you’ve decided what kind of business you want to have, you’ll have to decide where you will work. And this part often makes people quit before they get started. The struggle is real!

While coffee shops may be free, staying focused can be challenging. You go over there to get some work done and before you know it, the place is packed and there’s a child screaming at the table next to yours. And what’s up with all of the unclaimed lattes? Who pays $80 for a drink and then dashes? So, the barista keeps shouting out names by the minute.

Then it comes time to use the powder room, which is of course occupied, and you have to either get you neighbor to babysit your laptop or you have to pack your stuff up just in case a worm wants to slither and take your apple. Plus, the pastries keep calling your name. Let’s face it, this all sounds fine since it’s free but how are you supposed to get your work done? Eventually, you’ll be so over it.

The good news is, even when you’re on a budget you have options. You do not have to sign a scary lease either. You can rent an office space or private desk, and whether you want short term or long term, there’s options.

Here six reasons why having your own coworking space or office rocks:

1. You are around positive like-minded people. It’s been scientifically proven that who we surround ourselves with can impact our mental and even physical health. When you’re around other entrepreneurs, it’s hard not to be driven and focused. You can take advantage of this by asking others what has worked for them and even by finding a mentor. Being in a communal environment also helps reduce the stress and isolation often weighed as the cons of having your own business. There are also opportunities to network and socialize.

2. The possibilities are endless. If you cannot afford a private office, you can try a private desk or coworking space. When things take off, you can always upgrade. The cool thing about starting simple is that the only way to go is up.

3. Coworking offices often have the same amenities as private offices. This means access to 24/7 security, Wi-Fi, boardroom, kitchen, receptionist & mail services, and so on.

4. Besides flexibility in plans, there are different furnishing options. If you do not own any office furniture and are starting from scratch, ask about furnishing options. You can also bring your own furniture and decorate your space just how you want it.

5. You’re going to get more motivated. Investing in having your own space is just like investing in your own apartment. You believe you can make it on your own and are driven to better yourself.

6. It’s tax deductible as a business expense so write it off! Taxes aren’t fun but at least you will get something back.

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