Back in the day, people who wanted their own business had to make the dreaded choice between their dreams and security. In the modern world, thanks to technology and shared office spaces, it’s never been easier to start your own business. There’s a new trend in the business world: being a sidepreneur. It sounds like the best of both worlds…starting your own business with a steady income. But is it for real?

Should you really keep your day job and work double until things take off? Keeping your job means having less time for your business but for many, it’s worth the security. Plus, if someone has only themselves to worry about, no family, the free time in the evenings and weekend really add up.


“But how do I balance my day job AND my business?”

Let’s go way back to high school. Did you work and go to school? Plus, you had homework, sports and SAT prep and still made it work. How about working through college or maybe after graduation you had to take 2, even 3 jobs to cover your expenses and rent?

You probably have been in a situation that demanded balance and good work ethic. It’s just gotten to be comfortable at that steady job. The good news is, with good time management, you can make it work. You’ve got to look at your schedule and be realistic about how much time you are able to commit and be consistent. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin either. Sleep is important.


“If I’m working double…can I enjoy double lattes?”

Yes, you can. Now let’s look at the pros and cons of being a sidepreneur.


  • Steady income to invest into business
  • Financial stability
  • Stronger professional network
  • Evenings and weekends


  • You’ll have limited time for your business  
  • Balancing obligations can be challenging
  • Long hours
  • Business can turn into a hobby


Are your main gig and side gigs related?

If so, this can be an excellent opportunity to cross promote if there isn’t a conflict of interest. If your day job is not related, you can always bring up your side biz when they ask how your weekend was. Instead of saying “Uhhhhhh…I walked my dog”, you can plug in what you do.


You may be asking yourself “How do I know this is for me.”

Do you like sudden change or do you prefer transitions? See being a sidepreneur as the latter. Just like big businesses were once small businesses, side gigs became main gigs. What’s important is that you’re growing and moving in the right direction. The beauty of it is, when you’re ready to go full-time with your business…you’ll know what to do. It’s a better position to be in than your business failing after you’ve left your job. If you can handle the extra responsibility, being a sidepreneur is a great way to get started without risking it all.

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